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    To become a successful manager you should be capable to communicate efficiently with others. One way becoming a better communicator is to be more specific with your message. Do you talk with a team member about an issue, but the behaviour or problem carries on? Do you assign tasks which aren’t done they way they should be? If so the problem can be you’re not being specific enough when communicating with them. Whenever you communicate using general or vague terms you risk the listener not receive the message. How well you communicate can determine how you’re seen as a manager and as a pro so it’s essential that your message is clearly understood.

    You could make sure of this by learning to be specific. Are You Being Specific? The inspiration for this post comes from a latest conversation I’d with a colleague about problems with his team. Frank needs to be more of a team player. Eric needs to act more professional. Jane is always late for work. None of them seem to listen to what I say. They’re driving me crazy. He basically repeated everything he’d said about every team member he was having a problem with. If he spoke to his team members about the problems the way he spoke to me about them it was clear why his message wasn’t getting across.

    Be specific. When talking with your team members always be specific about what you say. Be Specific – If you wish to clearly get your message across to someone you must be specific when talking to them. You can’t generalize an issue and expect them to comprehend what you would like them to do. Telling someone that they need to be at work on time isn’t specific enough to be effective. When discussing a problem with a team member refer to the specific problem or behavior. To illustrate your points give samples of actual situations. I want to talk with you about your attendance.

    This month you’ve been late for work 7 times. On the ninth you had been 20 minutes late. On the thirteenth you had been forty minutes late. Last Monday you didn’t arrive at work until 9 AM. This is unacceptable. Last Monday I didn’t know if you had been coming in or not since you didn’t call me. This meant Tim had to do his job and yours. You would like to paint a clear picture of what you’re speaking about and the effect it’s. You’re an essential member of this team and I depend on you to be on time every day. Your morning report must be sent out by 8: 30 every morning.

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